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 Blair♥Chuck:Because if you love someone you should set him free.

Go down 
with the muggles.
with the muggles.

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Blair♥Chuck:Because if you love someone you should set him free.   Пет Яну 30, 2009 10:52 pm

Любовта и омразата имат ново име Блеър и Чък. <33

Chuck and Blair's Playlist

1. I'm With You by Avril Lavigne ↔️ 2. I Miss You by Blink 182
3. Hate Me by Blue October ↔️ 4. Womanizer by Britner Spears
5. Butterfly by Crazy Town ↔️ 6. Cold by Crossfade
7. The Ice Is Getting Thinner by Death Cab For Cutie ↔️ 8. Lose Control by Evanescence
9. Criminal by Fiona Apple ↔️ 10. Shadowboxer by Fiona Apple
11. Afterglow by INXS ↔️ 12. Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt
13. Do You Want To Touch Me by Joan Jett ↔️ 14. No Air by Jordin Sparks
15. Thinking Of You by Katy Perry ↔️ 16. I Can Feel A Hot One by Manchester Orchestra
17. Wonderwall by Oasis ↔️ 18. That's What You Get by Paramore
19. Every You, Every Me by Placebo ↔️ 20. Unfaithful by Rihanna
21. Viva Forever by Spice Girls ↔️ 22. With Me by Sum 41
23. The Boys Of Summer by The Ataris ↔️ 24. Again & Again by The Bird And The Bee
25. Linger by The Cranberries ↔️ 26. Sea Out by The Guillemots
27. When You Were Young by The Killers ↔️ 28. 1000 Julys by Third Eye Blind
29. Good For You by Third Eye Blind ↔️ 30. Thanks A Lot by Third Eye Blind
31. The Background by Third Eye Blind ↔️ 32. Dark On Fire by Turin Brakes
33. Best I Ever Had by Vertical Horizon ↔️ 34. Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon

Причините , поради които ги обичаме:
1.Защото омразата ражда любовта.
2.Защото тя изгуби девствеността си с него.
3.Защото "тя беше прекрасна там горе".
4.Защото той е Чък Бас.
5.Защото и двамата усетиха искрите помежду им.
6.Защото "Продължавам напред" никога не се случи.
7.Защото той й подъри огърлица.
8.Защото тя се опита да държи ръцете си далеч от него , но не успя.
9.Защото той се влюби в нея за първи път.
10.Защото "осем букви и аз съм твоя".
11.Защото го направиха в лимозината ... няколко пъти.
12.Защото той ревнуваше от Нейт.
13.Защото тя го иска за себе си.
14.Защото той е романтичен.
15.Защото той се уплаши от любовта.
16.Защото тя извади най-доброто от него.
17.Защото той извади най-лошото от нея.
18.Защото той искаше да я посрещне с цветя.
19.Защото в лицето на истинската любов , ти не можеш да се предадеш.
20.Защото те заспиваха заедно.
21.Защото заедно помагаха на другите.

22.Защото ако обичаш някой трябва да го пуснеш на свобода.
23.Защото тя винаги го впечатлява.
24.Защото играта е това ,което те са.
25.Защото те са Чък и Блеър , Блеър и Чък.
26.Защото тя беше до него , когато умря баща му.
27.Защото ние нямаме търпение да се съберат.
28.Защото те грешат многократно един със друг.
29.Защото той й каза ,че се нуждае от по-добър.
30.Защото той се върна при нея , със сълзи на очите.

Ed Westwick
"I thought it was a very interesting turn, and a lot of people want to
see them together because they're so much alike in certain ways"

↔️ "When there are two people that are the same, it can be sort of fire with fire, and that's what kind of happened in the end.
Who knows where it will go, maybe they will come full circle again"

↔️ "It's a 'Will they? Won't they?', edge of seat kind of thing.
I don't wanna reveal exactly what happens but we do reach a conclusion and it's interesting"

↔️ "Chuck and Blair have a relationship that echoes classic films, plus, of course, they get all the witty lines."

Leighton Meester
↔️ "He's one of my favorite people to act with on the show. He's brilliant and also, as a person, he's really great, so
I think that's why we have the chemistry."

↔️ "I have this moment in the new season where we talk and I just started crying.
I think it's just that Ed's a really amazing actor and I was just very emotional in the scene because of him"

↔️ "That’s my favorite relationship on the whole show. And he’s really
honestly my favorite to work with, he’s awesome. And he’s evil."

↔️ "I don't think she really wants to not be with Chuck. I want her to
be with Chuck. Her pride is more important than what's actually real
for her.
I think she knows in her heart that she's right with him"

↔️ "There's gonna be a lot of Chuck/Blair action continuing. They have a love/hate relationship that just won't go away"

Josh Schwartz
↔️ "They have a lot of common interests. But I think it was important that you see Chuck develop
feelings for Blair and even a little bit of insecurity.
He’s just so outrageous and Ed Westwick is so great at all that stuff, at totally selling it.
But at the same time, you do feel that Chuck’s got a beating heart.
He still yearns for Blair, even though, she is his kryptonite."

↔️ “You’ll see the way the season is shaped out – Blair and Chuck play a huge part in it.
They had a couple of small scenes together last year… and they were just really funny.
There were little sparks between them. Stephanie and I were like, 'They’re really fun together.'
It grew out of there – the writers all love them and love writing for them.
It was a natural place for us to go to this year. It’s really delicious."

↔️ "The show is a chess game, Chuck and Blair are the king and queen."

`because opposites definitely attracted.
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Blair♥Chuck:Because if you love someone you should set him free.
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